30th Anniversary Concert DVD (2004) SIGNED

30th Anniversary Concert DVD (2004) SIGNED

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To celebrate their 30-year career, Helix performed a very special 30th Anniversary Concert at The Sanderson Centre in Brantford, Ontario on Saturday, July 17. Captured on film for this DVD, the Anniversary Concert was a landmark in the bands career and included a complete night of festivities including a memorabilia show, a premier of the docu-film No Rest For The Wicked and a complete concert featuring 24 of the bands biggest hits including Rock You, Heavy Metal Love and more! Highlighting songs from Helixs 30 years, the special concert featured all of the original members past and present in performance together for the first time ever. NTSC Format.


All songs written by Brian Vollmer and Paul Hackman except where noted.

  1. The Band (includes the song “Ave Maria” performed by Brian Vollmer) (6:58)

  2. The Sanderson Theatre (5:54)

  3. The Concert: “Space Junk” (taped intro) (Rainer Wiechmann)/”Rockin’ In My Outer Space” (Bill Gadd, Rob Long, Tony Paleschi, Vollmer) (5:53)

  4. “Running Wild In The 21st Century” (3:53)

  5. “The Ballad of Sam and Mary” (Gadd, Long, Paleschi, Vollmer) (4:11)

  6. “It’s Hard to Feel the Sunshine When Your Heart is Full of Rain” (Gadd, Long, Paleschi, Vollmer) (3:35)

  7. The Original Helix: “Thinking It Over” (studio recording) (Del Shannon)/”Buff’s Bar Blues” (Alex Harvey) (9:59)

  8. The Early Years: “I Could Never Leave” (studio recording) (4:01)

  9. “Crazy Women” (Brent Doener) (3:41)

  10. “You’re A Woman Now” (Hackman) (6:59)

  11. “Billy Oxygen” (Doerner) (5:08)

  12. The Early 80’s: “Women, Whiskey & Sin” (studio recording) (Vollmer) (3:36)

  13. “It’s Too Late” (Doerner) (4:01)

  14. “Breaking Loose” (Vollmer, Doerner) (4:23)

  15. The Capitol Years: “Give It To You” (studio recording) (4:10)

  16. “Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'” (Joey Levine, Richard Rosenblatt) (3:24)

  17. “Heavy Metal Love” (3:45)

  18. “(Make Me Do) Anything You Want” (Paul Naummann, Danny Taylor) (4:03)

  19. “Deep Cuts the Knife” (Hackman, Bob Halligan, Jr. (4:31)

  20. “Wild in the Streets” (Hackman, Ray Lyell) (4:30)

  21. “Dirty Dog” (Vollmer, Doerner) (3:40)

  22. “Rock You” (Halligan) (6:23)

  23. “The Kids are All Shakin'” (4:54)

  24. Aftermath (includes the song “Danny Boy” performed by Brian Vollmer) (3:15)

Bonus Features

  1. 8mm Memories (8:44)