Up Close & Uncomfortable BOOK (2020)

Up Close & Uncomfortable BOOK (2020)

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The second book from Canada’s Bad Boy Of Rock in which he claims;

1.He sat beside a shape-shifting Alien on an airplane
2.He spent a weekend playing hide and seek with Eric Burdon of The Animals
3.He caused massive unrest on the set of Schitt$ Creek
4.He used mayonnaise in his Caesar Salad dressing
5.He bumped elbows with Ringo Starr, who doesn’t shake hands
6.He packed nothing but winter clothing for a trip to the Dominican Republic
7.He can see the lighter side of three hernia operations
8.He agrees with his three year old son that Jesus was stapled to a stick
9.He spent a night in jail for hiding someone’s computer mouse
10.He tried to worm his way into Aunt Toni’s will because she had a Van Gogh

“After I read Greg’s 2nd attempt at trying to beat Shakespeare at his own game, I realized that his personal observations about the REAL world of Rock n’ Roll are just
bloody brilliant! I urge anyone out there who wants to have a ‘belly laugh’ at the absurdities of life on and off the road with one of Canada’s TRUE originals to read this book.”

Eddie Kramer
Legendary Record Producer and Engineer

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